Domestic Money Transfer

ZiraatBank BH dd provides quick,reliable and secure transfer of funds within BiH trough internal payment system as of 5 th of January 2001.

Efficient payment operations are performed through payment systems RTGS (gross settlement in real time) for the settlement of large value transactions from 10.000 KM and Giro Clearing system for a large volume of small value up to 10.000 KM. Giro clearing settlement is performed four times per day, which guarantees customers a fast and reliable money transfer within BiH.

All payment transactions are processed in a unique way and in accordance with the Payment Transaction Law of FBIH as well as other Guidlines issued by the Bank or competent institutions. Commissions for these transactions is charged according to the valid bank Tariffs.

The official e-mail addresses for delivery of the files and salary lists, as well the lists of other payments is as follows: and